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06 March 2022

Paper presented at

The 62nd Indonesia National Nutrition Day, Indonesian Nutrition Association (PERSAGI)


FEBRUARY 18th , 2022

Agus Pakpahan

Emeritus Research Professor

Center for Socio-economic and Agricultural Policy

Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia




Stunting is a subject matter that almost important to all sciences. The discussion can be started from philosophical questions such as the morality and responsibility dimensions of a father and a mother toward their children. It is also true that in the issue of stunting, there is inherently contained the dimension of responsibilities of the states and communities as well where such stunted children were born and grownup up. In addition, the very practical branch of sciences such as gastronomy and utritions have also interlinked with the growing, declining or avoiding of the stunting prevalence within a specific community. Poverty and social negligence toward the rights of children having sufficient love and care from their parents and communities have been mostly addressed as the main cause of high degree of numbers of stunted children world-wide, especially in developing countries such as Indonesia.

In Indonesia, stunted children can be found in all provinces with varying magnitudes. In province of East Nusa tenggara there were 44 children out of 100 children in 2019 were stunted. This magnitude was the worst in Indonesia. The lowest one was found in Jakarta with the magnitude of children stunted prevalence about 10%. The national average of prevalence stunted children in 2019 was 27.7%. This average prevalence stunted children magnitude can be considered as a high one.



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