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Indonesian’s nutmeg for the world, synergizing consumers need while increasing farmer’s welfare

21 May 2021

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Abstract. Nutmeg has been acknowledged as one of the spices that originally grown in

Indonesia, namely from the Moluccas Islands. The power of values of that spice had drawn

almost all nations all over the world to come to the Moluccas. In fact, Indonesian colonisation

by the Western countries had closely related with the geo-climatically rich spices biodiversity’s

advantages on the one hand and the weakness of knowledge, technology, political, as well as

military power on the other hand. So, the world has shown the path that Indonesia that rich in

economic values of spices remains as a poor country. Since the year of 1700s the value of spices

in the world economy had declined dramatically relative to their roles in the period, for example

in the 1600s. In recent development, however, there is an increasing trend of import of spices in

general and nutmeg in particular by developed countries. History taught us that the high demand

for nutmeg or spices does not necessarily has direct causality with the increasing welfare of

farmers or growers of that crops in Indonesia. This article explores the potential opportunities

for both increasing Indonesia farmers’ welfare and the consumer countries’s welfare as well.

Keywords: History ofutmeg, market value, future trend.




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