Detail Buku

Nomor Buku/ISBN : ISBN : 979-690-646-5
Penerbit : Balai Pustaka
Pengarang : Dr. Agus Pakpahan
Tahun Terbit : 2009
Bahasa : English
Edisi : first edition
Dimensi Buku : viii, 276 pages; 20

Sekilas Buku :

At the end we all die, Why we afraid of death when the death is waiting, What I am afraid is not death but dying, My friends, the death is our certain future, Dying is a matter of us, There are choices of dying but not the death, Slavery is a determinant choice of dying, Imposed by the masters, Globalization will be a process of dying, If we return to our Dark Age, We are part of the poor and the weak, So, we have to know that we are poor and weak, Becoming free and rich is a matter of a dream, Let's make our dream and sow our spirit, To be ourselves!, To Share the world of ours!

It is an exhilarating long journey within self. A brutally honest conversation of unprecedented changes of civilizations, phases and impasses. Life is definitely fuller when each and everyone of us find means to discover our own Alexander X. (Dr. Zaim Uchrowi, CEO of Balai Pustaka)

It is psycolog! Pakpahan wrote a real psycholoy! Experts and students of psychology who read this book will enrich themselves with a valuable reference of psychology from the first hand. The book also exposes tha Eastern understanding of (hu)mankind shall be different with Western difinition. A (hu)man per se can be important but the idea of the book convince me that "human between' can be more important. (Faturochman, Professor of Psychology UGM)

My old literary definitions immersed me while I'm reading Alexander X in delight. Agus Pakpahan has written ten books, and his eleventh, were not meant to be literary, as he liberates plot, characters flow, and climax. His characters keep talking about history, figures, tables, poems, lyrics, and politics. His true passion of freedom for Indonesian Farmer and farming. (Taufiq Ismail, Poet)


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